Sport Swimwear offers a stunning range of comfortable and stylish women's athletic swimwear. For the pool, spa or ocean there is a wide selection of beautifully designed and wonderfully functional sport swimwear. Find the perfect sport swimwear to fit your athletic requirements, whatever they may be.

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The Sporting Life

Many women swim simply for pleasure. But the swimming pool and ocean are for some, a source of health; a place to focus on exercise, sport and well-being. The physical demands of water sports - whether it is simple light swimming or more technical diving, aerobics and even water-polo - demand that you feel comfortable, supported and secure in your swimwear. The sport swimsuits collection is diverse and varied to suit the all the different demands of a sporting lifestyle . The women's athletic swimwear is also perfectly suitable for all body types. Whether curvy, petite or anywhere in the middle; sport swimwear is essential for guaranteeing that you are able to perform your activities without the fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Also, who says that sport swimsuits need to mean ugly swimsuits? The styles and incredible designs available in this range are proof that women's athletic swimwear is equally as flattering and diverse as regular swimwear, but sport swimsuits come with an added edge.

Healthy and Beautiful

Sometimes the heavy duty demands of running on the treadmill, attending a spinning class, lifting weights or doing squats are a little too much to deal with. The swimming pool and ocean offer us a place to exercise all of our muscle groups but in a light and easy going fashion. The density of water is twelve times that of air, so for water based toning and cardiovascular exercises (compared to those on dry land), the returns are incredible. Sport swimwear is an essential component to this wonderful and effective way to improve physical and all round well being. Sport swimwear, particularly Women's athletic swimwear has come a long way in recent years so you can get all the health benefits without substituting your style. Sport swimsuits and women's athletic swimwear in general is perfect for the beach or pool even if you don't do sport. The styles that are available within the sport swimwear category offer a great alternative to traditional swimwear.