Miraclesuit Swimwear

New! Unique swimwear from American brand Miraclesuit® is now available at Carla-Bikini.com. This brand’s materials are specially designed for an immediate slimming effect. Sculpt your body & accentuate your curves with Miraclesuit® swimwear! The latest pieces from Miraclesuit® guarantee comfort & support specially designed for large chests.

Swimwear’s Miracle

The Miraclesuit® story begins with a unique, innovative fabric: Miratex®. This avant-garde material brings swimsuit quality to a new level while offering amazing comfort. The high Lycra content in the material guarantees a maintained fit for your swimsuit. Miraclesuit® uses only the highest-quality underwire, including a brand-new innovation: a single piece of molded foam to guarantee both comfort and great support. Forget underwires that become bothersome after only a few wears. Miraclesuit® swimwear’s underwire provides flexible, comfortable support! Miraclesuit® has a bra made just for you, no matter what type of support you need.

A Swimsuit that Looks Great on You

All of these innovations, paired with a signature style in a variety of designs and cuts are the reason why Miraclesuit® is a recognized and trusted brand.

Miraclesuit® is known to slim your shape in just a few seconds—just the time it takes to slip on your swimsuit and discover your dream body. These swimsuits accentuate your curves and draw attention away from the parts of your body that you’d prefer to keep under wraps. This year the brand features graphic styles, floral prints, European themes, animal prints and classic polka dots.

With Miraclesuit® swimwear, you won’t go unnoticed—so get ready to turn heads at the beach!

Miraclesuit® swimsuits are elegant, sophisticated, chic, soft and sexy. Because all women deserve to feel great in their own skin, this swimwear is specially designed for women’s wants and needs.

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