Sunscreen and sun cream are vital for anyone who enjoys the beach, to protect against the rays of the sun. As important as a new Bikini for your holiday or week end away, at there is a range of easy to use sunscreens available, which can be added to you order.

Be safe in the sun, and choose the correct sunscreen or suntan lotion for you.

Depending on what kind of skin you have, and what you like to do in the sun is very important when it comes to sunscreen. At Carla-Bikini, there is a range of sun cream for every skin type. If you are fair, you might want to try a factor 50 cream from Banana Moon. Long lasting, waterproof, parabens and perfume free, this is also a great sun cream for children, and for sensitive places too. Designed to block out nearly all the UV and UVA rays of the sun, and minimise sensitivity reactions, this type of sun cream is also a good choice for sports lovers. Or perhaps, if you like a little glow, choose a Factor 30 sun cream or sunscreen, which is also a good choice for active people and older children.

A safe golden glow without burning

On some skin types, a golden glow is lovely against summer clothes, and At there is suntan lotion, and sunscreen available for those already acclimatised to the sun, or those with darker complexions. Choose a Factor 15, and you can have the best of both, protection against the aging, damaging rays of the sun, and yet develop a long lasting, safe golden tan. Often lighter in texture, suntan lotion in a factor 15 sometimes has moisturising additions like cocoa butter or Shea butter, along with full spectrum UVA and UV protection. There's also a suntan lotion with the delicious scent of Manoi De Tahiti at, which is wonderful to use, is a water resistant sunscreen and suitable for faces and sensitive places too.

Pick up all your suntan lotion needs along with your bikini

Sun cream and suntan lotion, in different levels of protection for all skin types is available, and with a clear page of information about all the products at, nothing could be simpler than adding just the right sun cream to your order.

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