Swim Skirts

Want to stand out from other women on the beach? Then the swim skirt is definitively made for you! Sexy and feminine, it will show your silhouette to advantage while hiding your hips and curves. Let yourself be tempted by this girlie look to match with the top of your choice!

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Relax on the Beach in a Designer Swim Skirt

Swim skirts are really coming into their own this year. A swim skirt represents a great alternative to traditional bikini bottoms and one piece suits. They are designed to be worn in the water, providing the freedom you need to swim and dive, but they are also a great outfit for lounging on a beach towel or sunbathing by the pool. Swim skirt designs come in a range of lengths, from daringly short frilled skirts to longer skirts that cover up some of the upper leg. Swim skirts tend to provide a little more protection and privacy than normal bikini bottoms, but they won't interfere with your quest for the perfect tan. They offer a creative alternative to conventional swimming suits with a charm that looks back to classic designs of the 1960s. Above all, a swim skirt is simply great fun to wear, particularly the attractive, brightly coloured skirts to be found on the Carla Bikini store.

Choose a Designer Swim Skirt for Your Next Holiday

At Carla Bikini, you'll find a selection of swim skirt, bikini and one piece swimming suit designs to fall in love with. If you need a good-looking, elegant swimsuit to wear on the beach, you'll certainly find it in our huge selection. In the swimming skirt section alone, you can choose from the psychedelic patterns of Curvy Kate, the polka-dot creations of Freya or the exotic flower-based designs from Bananamoon. If you want to really go for a retro summer look, why not try one of the wrap-around skirts from Juicy Couture? Swim skirts are also part of our selection for plus size women, but there are other options for those with a fuller figure. For example, there are gorgeous high-waisted bikini bottoms from brands like Freya, Audelle and Livia. Whatever your shape and style tastes, there will be a swimming suit to wear this year at the Carla Bikini home page.