Swimming Trunks

Swimming trunks bring support to men having water sport activities or not. Skin-tight, they are comfy and are available in diverse colours. Check out our big brands' swim trunks such as Speedo or Banana Moon !

Choose A Pair Of Swimming Trunks For the Beach This Summer

Streamlined skin-tight swimming trunks aren't just for muscle-bound beach hunks and professional swimmers. They look great and provide comfort to anyone who enjoys taking a dip. Easy to wear under trousers and shorts, they provide maximum flexibility, allowing guys to make the most of their time at the beach, and if you have a rippling six-pack to show off, there's no better way to do it. If you need a new set of swimming trunks to hit the beach this year, Carla Bikini's home page is the place to look. We stock a variety of different lengths of swimming trunks, and feature designs by famous brands like Speedo. There are also designer options with colourful designs that blend the performance of sporting kit with the aesthetics of the catwalk. From the beaches of Ipanema to the pools of the Mediterranean coast, swimming trunks are a global classic, so make sure you have plenty to choose from.

All the top Brands can be Found at Carla Bikini

Our collection of Men's Beachwear includes dazzling trunks from Bananamoon, Watts and Sundek. These dynamic beach shorts will suit any guys who enjoy long swimming sessions, whether they are pounding out lengths in their local pool or cresting the waves in the ocean. With their figure-hugging design, swimming trunks like this sculpt themselves to the shape of the body, reducing drag and making them extra comfortable over long periods. So if you or your partner are serious swimmers, they are the only way to go. You can choose from long, short, colourful and plain designs - so why not build a collection to wear a different beach outfit every day of your holiday? If you are buying for a partner, the Carla Bikini sale is also a great chance to find a stunning swimming suit for your vacation, or trunks and shorts for the kids.

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