Rip Curl Swimwear

The famous surf brand is released on The Australian label proposes you high-quality and trendy swimsuits. Discover a colourful collection, ethnic prints, tribal or fluo patterns… Surf the Rip Curl wave !

Rip Curl Swimwear (58 items)

Surf in Style With Rip Curl Swimwear

Rip Curl is a legendary name in beach fashion. This Aussie label has created a name for itself due to its dynamic surf-inspired bikinis, shorts and beach accessories, so browse this large collection and find your summer look. Known for its colour and visual flair, Rip Curl specialise in dazzling multi-coloured bikinis, bandeau tops, shorts and bikini bottoms. All of them are comfortable to wear, strong and perfect for enjoying an active day at the beach with your surfboard. These swimming suit ideas are for women who want to express themselves and have fun in the sea, with their eye catching designs, but there are also black and white patterned items that offer a more laid back style. You can dress to relax or kit yourself out for a day of swimming and surfing. The sheer size and diversity of the Rip Curl Swimwear collection means it offers a great blend of active beachwear and cutting edge beach fashion.

Find Beach Accessories From Rip Curl Swimwear

Rip Curl Swimwear doesn't just feature bikinis and bandeau tops. You can also find good-looking accessories like baseball caps and beach bags. Why not store all of your beach essentials in one of the label's backpacks or valise cases? That way, you can have everything to hand such as coats or jumpers should the weather turn chilly. Rip Curl Swimwear also combines really well with our own range of Carla-Bikini items. Try pairing a Rip Curl bag alongside a designer swimming suit from Bananamoon and hit the beach with something fun that expresses your personal style. With the wide range of swimwear brands available, you can experiment and assemble a unique holiday wardrobe to suit your personal style. Mix Rip Curl Swimwear with the label's Women's Beach Trousers, wrap yourself in a brightly coloured sarong and find a broad-brimmed hat to protect against the sun. Whatever you choose, you'll find leading brands at reasonable prices at the Carla Bikini home page.