Sundek Swimwear

Known for its men's swimsuits, Sundek highlights vivid colours. Fashionable and innovative, the brand offers fast-drying materials. Its signature: the rainbow which emphasize the sufers's bottoms. Ladies, you won't be left out with a collection of fashionable bikinis !

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Find a Design That You Love From Sundek Swimwear

Swimwear brand Sundek grew out of the global surf culture, and brings a fresh, bright style to everyday beach clothing. Famed for the men's swimming suit designs, Sundek pitch their products at young guys and girls who see every trip to the beach as a chance have fun. Sundek Swimwear is instantly recognisable thanks to the brand's trademark three-coloured stripes. The Sundek rainbow stretches across all of the label's popular Swimming Trunks and board shorts, giving them an attractive look. However, they aren't just good-looking. Sundek's collection has also been designed to perform well under pressure, whether you are surfing big waves or swimming off-shore. You can be sure that these shorts and trunks won't let you down, and at Carla Bikini, you can find all of the label's products at unbeatable prices.

Search for Sundek Swimwear at Bargain Prices

The Sundek swimwear range contains something for everyone, so why not refresh your whole family's swimwear wardrobe in preparation for the summer? There are women's vests in pink and blue tones, flower-printed women's shorts, tie-dyed designs and board shorts in eye-catching shades of orange, green and blue. For party animals, see the range of tropical designs or go for classy striped shorts that will complement smart-casual deck shoes along the promenade. These items of Sundek Swimwear are essential items for any fashionable holiday collection, but they aren't the only designer swimwear items on offer from Carla Bikini. If you are a serious swimmer, there are plenty of Speedo trunks to choose from. Women can also find gorgeous bikinis from brands like Bananamoon - all of them at bargain prices. If you've booked an escape to the sun and you need outfits to wear on the beach, check out the Carla Bikini home page, where the Sundek swimwear collection includes something for everyone to enjoy.