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Extravagance, chic and elegance are the keywords of the brand Emmatika. We totally crack for its trendy and sexyswimsuits. Be bold and let the Emmatika woman inside you be ! Shop your bikini, summer belongs to you...

Choose a Stunning Selection from the Emmatika Swimwear Collection

The perfect bikini is fun to wear, attractive and right on the edge of today's fashion. Emmatika Swimwear combines all of these things, which is why they are one of our favourite labels. Known for their colourful designs that are inspired by pop art and comic book graphics, Emmatika bikinis are always designed with a sense of humour and lightness of touch. Items from their range provide a wholly unique take on swimwear, whether you are sunbathing by the pool or hitting the beach. All of Emmatika's latest beach-wear is available at the Carla Bikini home page, with two piece bikinis, sarongs, high neck tank tops, bangles, thongs and beach bags can all be found in this outstanding collection. Having the right bikini is the first step to feeling great at the beach this year, so find a stylish swimming suit that you really love.

Assemble a Killer Summer Wardrobe at Carla Bikini

Carla Bikini is a perfect place to search for this year's swimwear, so add to your personal collection and create a fantastic beach look from our range. This Emmatika Swimwear portfolio could well have everything you need. For free spirited women, their pink designs with comic book graphics will be perfect. On the other hand, their pure black bandeau bikinis and beach dresses offer a sophisticated, classic take on swimwear and play well at up-market resorts. There are bikinis with sexy leopard-skin patterns, natural green options and brightly coloured red tops - whatever your personal taste, Emmatika Swimwear will have come up with something to adore. But if you want to find something from another label to complement your Emmatika choices, we also stock the latest swimwear from big names like Bananamoon. You could also combine a bikini from Emmatika Swimwear with a high-quality pair of shoes from Les P'tites Bombes, so that all of your beach fashion bases are covered. Whatever you choose, at Carla Bikini you can create gorgeous outfits that are ready for the summer season.

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