Summer Styling Fifilles de Paris

Get the Parisian Chic look with the brand Fiflles de Paris ! Retro, chic and timeless, here are the master words of their ready-to-wear collection. Dress, jumpsuit, tunic and much more... Be classy and chic, and get the must have of the season !

Summer Styling Fifilles de Paris (4 items)
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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Multicolor Coat Vita

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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Pink Top Kine

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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Orange Top Douceur

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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Salmon Pink Top Kine

Fifilles de Paris for Fresh Summer Outfits that Pop with Style

At our Carla Bikini home page, we have a fabulous range of beachwear and the Fifilles de Paris designer collection adds a touch of French glamour when worn on top of your swimming suit. From the heat of the day to the cool of the summer evening, the Fifilles de Paris look combines elegance with sultry sensuality in its Jumpsuits & Tunics as well as tops and dresses that whisper of sophistication mixed with fun. Getting too hot on the beach? Slip on a flimsy Fifilles de Paris top to cover your sensitive skin, knowing you look fabulous and that you will still feel cool and comfortable. In jazzy colours and classic styles, Fifilles de Paris can take you anywhere - from poolside to restaurant.

Choose the Fifilles de Paris Laid-Back Signature Look for Summer Fun

Light, breezy and infinitely wearable, Fifilles de Paris multicoloured and elegant dresses, jumpsuits, tunics and tops are a perfect finish for over swimwear. Designed and cut with typical French flair and attention to detail, the Fifilles de Paris collection oozes style and sensuality. Wear Fifilles de Paris and you can keep cool in the sure knowledge you look fabulous and step out with confidence. On trend and up-to-the-minute, this is timeless fashion at its finest and most versatile: pull on your Fifilles de Paris outfit and go straight from the beach to a bar, a restaurant or a nightclub. The collection is versatile and eye catching and it teams beautifully with our vibrant beachwear ranges Bananamoon and Juicy Couture. When you're young, footloose and fancy-free, or even when you're paired up and lost in love's young (or not-so-young) dream, our delectable beachwear ranges at Carla Bikini cater to all your summer needs.