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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Multicolor Coat Vita

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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Orange Top Douceur

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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Pink Top Kine

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    Fifilles de Paris

    Fifilles de Paris Salmon Pink Top Kine

Plenty of choice for beach styling with the Ready-to-Wear collection

Finding comfortable and fashionable pieces that fit easily over your bikini or swimsuit for a day at the beach, a light lunch with friends or on the way to the pool can be tricky. Luckily, the vast selection of Ready-to-Wear clothing at makes finding clothes to throw on for a day of summer relaxation easy and stress free. From pretty tropical patterned dresses, stylish bandeau jumpsuits and bohemian patterned tunics, the fantastic selection of Ready-to-Wear brands like Bananamoon and Fifilles de Paris offer high quality, eye catching designs that remain trendy all year long. The classic styles available make creating your beach look simple and each item can easily be dressed up with glamorous accessories. Try pairing a Ready-to-Wear Filfilles de Paris kaleidoscope patterned jumpsuit with a wide brim sun hat and sunglasses for cocktails at the pool bar or layer up in the evening with a bright blue Banana Moon pull over.

Choose the right Ready-to-Wear outfit to wear over your swimming suit

It can sometimes be difficult finding the perfect outfit to wear over your bikini or swimming suit. Perhaps your chosen dress is too tight or uncomfortable over close fitted swimwear or the cut of your top becomes unflattering when not worn with proper underwear. With's fabulous selection of specially chosen Ready-to-Wear beachwear, all your problems are expertly solved. With largely looser fitting garments that fit nicely over any swimwear, try wearing a Filfilles de Paris tunic with shorts over your bikini, a floaty salmon coloured blouse with shorts or one of their drape neck jersey dresses over a stylish one piece. Comfortable and flattering, there is no reason you can't look fabulous everyday of the summer with the Ready-to-Wear collection. Go to the Home page to find the perfect Swimming suit to wear under your new Ready-to-Wear wardrobe on your next holiday and don't forget to pack the Sunscreen!