Discover our selection of foutas ! Authentic and trendy, let yourself be tempted by these amazing foutas on Originally from Tunisia, they are perfect for the beach and every moment of relaxation... We love them !

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Sunbathe in Style With the Carla Bikini Fouta Collection

Foutas originate from Tunisia, where they have long been worn as bathing garments by men and women alike. Nowadays, they are a trendy item of beach apparel, blending the role of the trusty beach towel with a good-looking wraparound skirt. With a fouta in your pack, you can relax on the sand, take a dip in the sea and stay warm when the sun dips beneath the horizon. At the Carla Bikini home page, you can find some of the most dazzling fouta designs from the world's leading beachwear labels. We stock beach towels from trusted brands like Dag Adom and Bananamoon, all of them with their own unique flair and colour scheme. With such a wide selection, you'll easily find a fouta that fits your bikini or swim shorts collection, allowing you to look the part wherever you lay your towel this summer.

Find a Fouta That Combines a Beach Towel and a Sarong

If you are travelling as a couple or a family, you can purchase a collection of different fouta designs to keep everyone dry and happy at the beach? Bananamoon offers beach towels in vivid pinks, cool ocean blues and a host of tones in between, so all tastes are catered for. There are attractive striped designs and plainer, single colour towels, all of them well-made from high quality materials that will keep the sand out and absorb moisture when you return from a swim. These foutas are the ideal accompaniment to a designer swimming suit. When worn around the waist, they are perfect for heading to beachfront bars and restaurants. A fouta rolls up neatly for packing into a beach-bag, and will dry in no time when you hang it up back at the villa. Meanwhile, when you return home your fouta will also be a fantastic throw for armchairs and sofas, or just a colourful blanket to have in reserve.