Rider Flip-Flops

Be trendy and relaxed with Rider sandals and flip-flops. The brazilian brand gets its inspiration from sports and outdoor activities to offer you flip-flops which are perfect after your training.They will also look great with swim shorts Sundek, Wattsor Europann for a trendy look !

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Rider, the brazilian flip-flops brand

You may not know about this UFO coming straight from Brazil. Rider is THE flip-flops brand you’re gonna fall in love with. It is simple : on the other side of the Atlantic, you don’t put on flip-flops, you put on a pair of Rider. Efficiency and simplicity are the keywords. They represent comfort, quality and style. In other words, Brazilian people get it ! I’m sure these flip-flops will complete your beachwear look perfectly this summer. So get your beach bag, your bikini and your flip-flops and you’re good to go !

Rider flip-flops, all-terrain sandals

You’ll have noticed these flip-flops have a singular look. It’s normal, that’s what makes them special. Rider gets its inspiration from extreme and outdoor sports to design its sandals. They took the bold challenge to create flip-flops both trendy and confortable. Footings are designed to offer unrivalled comfort and support. Plus, you have a wide range of flip-flops with a long-lasting quality.

Ecofriendly flip-flops

It’s the addition of little ecological gestures that makes Rider flip-flops ecofriendly. Water savings, renewable energy, use of local products…Those gestures may seem obvious , but there are only a few companies who actually respect them. When you buy Rider sandals, you choose comfort and style and above all, you help the environment