Other swimwear brands on sale

Going on holiday last minute, or for longer than two weeks and need more than a couple of bikinis? At Carla-Bikini.com there is a page just for other swimwear brands with discounts and seasonal bathing suits on sale at great prices. They are just right if you need a selection of swimwear or a bargain for a quick getaway.

Filtrez vos préférences

A swimwear sale is a great way to try a new Summer look

The great thing about cheap swimsuits and bathing suits on sale is that you can buy several, or perhaps get a style you have never tried before without spending too much. Brands at Carla-Bikini.com, like Fantasie and Freya all have seasonal bathing suits on sale. Cheap swimsuits are also just right for a chance buy. If you check back frequently, you are sure to find discounts on all your favourite brands too, which can save money and widen choice. It is also far easier to stay in fashion and on trend as cheap swimsuits are just as fashionable and with end of range discounts, it is possible to make up a great summer wardrobe from the bathing suits on sale.

A swimwear sale is a great way to find back ups for favourites

Bought a swimsuit or bikini at the start of Summer which you've fallen in love with? Keep and eye on Carla-Bikini.com's swimwear sale pages and you could end up buying a back up item in a different colour, or perhaps a sarong or a tankini top to go with the favourite swimwear you already have? Discounts make it easy to build sets from ranges and have fun with your swimwear. Perhaps you are a different size on your bust from your hips? There are sometimes great separates you can buy. Or why not shop with a friend who has a slightly different size, and you can 'swap the 'tops and bottoms' with each other from cheap swimsuits ranges to build a great summer wardrobe.

Try swimwear in a different cut or shape

Sometimes, with brands at Carla-Bikini.com there are also ranges of swimwear which have differently shaped bottoms or top halves. Perhaps buy a cute pair of swim 'boy shorts' to match the string bikini bottom you already bought. This is a great way to make your beachwear work for everything from sunbathing to volleyball, but still be co-ordinated.