Atoll Palme Beachwear presents the Palme fashion beachwear collection. Featuring sarongs, harem pants, cover-ups, dresses and skirts for the beach—in a wide selection of colors and graphic prints for a carefree vacation. Check out all the different styles and find the perfect dress or cover-up to compliment your favorite swimsuit.

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The Importance of the Beach Cover-Up

Nothing beats the lightweight coverage of an Atoll Palme cover-up. You’ll be hooked on the feather-light feel of these cover-ups. We all know that having a great swimsuit is important, but we often forget what to layer over it when we’re on the way to the beach or pool.

Choose an Atoll Palme beach cover-up: problem solved! Refined, elegant and light as a feather, their sheer material accentuates your body and swimsuit. You’re sure to find your ideal cover-up, dress or sarong with colors to match your swimsuit among the large variety of styles! You’ll be prepped and perfect for all your beach and pool outings—and vacation activities, too!

Atoll Palme Beachwear to Pair With our Favorite Swimsuits!

The cover-up has been a women’s staple since the disco ages. It’s a particular favorite for curvy women thanks to its concealing effects. As for the beach dress, it gives you a chic, distinguished style, making you feel well put-together and ready to go out. It’s a subtle accompaniment for your swimsuit.

With its casual style, a sarong is a swimsuit’s best friend and remains a must-have accessory for anyone wanting some coverage over their swimsuit while hanging around the pool or at the beach. Finally, harem pants are the perfect solution for feeling completely confortable while sporting a chic outfit. Wait no longer: Shop Atoll Palme at!